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Individuals and Families with Hearing loss




Short Course in “Additional Training in Cochlear Implants.”  This course is accredited by the HPCSA and offered through University of Stellenbosch, by the TH-US-CIU for audiologists working in cochlear implant programs.


This course is run every second year, the next course is due to be presented 12 March – 14 April 2018. Please email for information.


A week-long course will be offered in June for any health and rehabilitation professionals who are interested in learning more about cochlear implantation. The following areas will be covered:


  • Process of hearing and the management of hearing loss
  • The process of cochlear implantation
  • Speech Acoustics
  • Principles of electrical hearing (including acoustic and electrical hearing)
  • Selection criteria and factors contributing to outcomes
  • Cochlear Implant Surgery, scans and medical issues
  • Paediatric, teenage and adult rehabilitation
  • Bilateral cochlear implantation
  • Bimodal hearing options
  • Ethical issues and cochlear implantation


Please contact Jenny Perold ( if you are interested in attending.