Contact us

Our team operates Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

For more detailed information please contact the Coordinator of the Cochlear Implant Unit:

Jenny Perold


Tel: 021 938 5086


Office Administrator

Antoinette de Bruyn

Tel: 021 938 4604





Cochlear Implant Unit (Speech and Hearing Clinic)

5th Floor Gold Ave

Tygerberg Hospital

Francie van Zijl Drive

Tygerberg, 7505


For urgent medical matters please contact your implant surgeon:


  • Dr Derrick Wagenfeld – 021 851 2067
  • Professor James Loock – (N1 City – 021 595 3200 / US – 021 938 9041)
  • Dr Nathanie Naude – 021 975 4090
  • Dr Gary Kroukamp – 021 674 0885
  • Dr André van Straten – (Paarl – 065 723 9282/ Cape Gate – 065 887 4248)
  • Dr Marc Merven – 021 938 4911

Where to find us




  1. Drive through the main gain of Tygerberg Hospital.
  2. Drive past right turn off to Carel du Toit Centre.
  3. Drive straight ahead past the right turnoff for ABSA and the Post Office
  4. There is a ramp on your right hand side that connects the Tygerberg Hospital Emergency Unit to the road.
  5. Drive past this to the huge parking areas on both the left and right hand side.
  6. Park in the parking area on your left hand side.
  7. Walk back towards the ramp.
  8. Enter the hospital (entrance 3) by walking underneath the ramp.
  9. Once inside the entrance foyer, use the lifts or staircase to Floor 5
  10. Once you’ve exited the lift you’ll be in a corridor where you need to turn right. At the end of the corridor is a Door, numbered 21 with a sign Cochlear Implant Unit and a direction on the wall indicating Gold Avenue.
  11. You have now arrived at the main office.