Future sounds bright for Lakeside couple

Future sounds bright for Lakeside couple

His cochlear implant saved more than his hearing – it also saved his wife’s sanity during lockdown and gave them both the chance of relishing their retirement together, says Frederick Sansom, 73, of Lakeside.

“You can imagine the difficulties we were saved from: two oldies stuck together in lockdown, and me with my hearing difficulties,” he says with a chuckle.

Mr Sansom still cannot believe his good fortune to be found a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant at 73.

He says many years ago he was told these procedures were only done for children, that they cost a million rand at least, and that medical aids would not approve this procedure for him.

Mr Sansom lost the hearing in his one ear as a child. He started losing the hearing in his other ear following a motor vehicle accident as an adult. Over the years, his hearing became progressively worse.

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